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Saturday 11th March 2017

Race Regulations

  1. The official race number must be worn on your front (Handle Bars for individual mountain bikers) and visible throughout the race. 
  2. The timing for the event is with Sport-Ident.
  3. Any withdrawals during the event must be notified to the marshal at the nearest transition point and a representative of the team or individual that has withdrawn must also let the race officials know at the finish line.
  4. Competitors not left Transition Three TA3 (Matangi Road) by 4pm will be withdrawn from the race and may not continue after this time. 
  5. To enable us to run this event we have sought permission from a number of local landowners. It is important that we treat the land that we pass through with respect. To this end we ask competitors to carry their own rubbish and for support crews to be conscious of keeping the transition areas as they find them. Anyone seen dropping rubbish on the course will be disqualified. 
  6. Bikers must wear an approved cycling helmet throughout the race. Bikes, particularly brakes should be in good working order. We strongly recommend you have your bike checked out at Revolution Bikes 8 Donnelly Street Havelock North 06 877 8477 or your local bike shop before the race. 
  7. Bikers must complete each leg on the same bike. 
  8. Walkers must walk, no jogging permitted if entering in the walking divisions.
  9. Disqualification of any team competitor disqualifies the whole team.
  10. Competitors must be present at prize giving to claim their spot prizes. No exceptions.
  11. Minor spot prizes winners will be notified at registration and prizes to be collected on race day from 10am at the Start/Finish line. 
  12. Secondary schools must have competitors attending the same school and be between the ages of 12-19 years.
  13. Participants aged 15 years and younger need to get prior approval from the organisers in writing before competing (see terms and conditions).
  14. Participants aged 15 years and younger are not permitted to participate in the 47km solo run or walk event.
  15. All competitors and support crew must adhere to safety requirements and rules.
  16. All roads are classed as open at all times. Obey all road rules.
  17. Directions of race officials must be followed.
  18. All transitions must be completed within the transition area.
  19. In a case of disqualification you may choose to continue and have race times recorded and have the right to make a protest at the completion of the race.
  20. Disputes must be presented in writing to the Race Director before 4pm. The decision of the Race Director will be final. 
  21. Strictly no pets allowed at race headquarters, transition areas, or on course on the day of the race.
  22. Timing devices must be returned at the Finish Line.  A fee will be charged for timing devices not returned. 
  23. Anyone caught training on the private land on the course prior to the event will be disqualified. 


  1. Do I have to be an expert mountain biker? - NO (though please practice riding off road before the event)
  2. Can I jog at times in the walking section? - NO, WALKERS MUST WALK. 
  3. Can we put a two or four person team in? YES
  4. Timing is with Sport-Ident Click HERE for more information.
  5. What water is on the course? - We want to be clear, there will be water on some of the summits and at the river transitions but please treat these as back ups of your own supply.  Carry Water we highly recommend that if you carry an electrolyte solution and nutrition and if you are doing it solo that you rope in a friend or friends to support you at the transitions 
  6. Are there toilets on the course? Yes toilets on the course at the transitions of the three person team TAs  as well as the start finish line.
  7. Are there River crossings: Yes there are a couple of river crossings there will be marshals on the crossings to assist and suggest if you are nervous to cross as a group. The following link has some good information from the mountain Safety Council in regards to crossing rivers. Click HERE .The height of the river will always depend on the amount of rain during that period but we always try to find the safest and shallowest possible crossing.