Saturday 10 March 2018

Current Weather Status

March 08, 2018 at 6:15 AM

So, clearly it is raining quite heavily. As you know, we have a Course A (where we cross the river) and a Course B (where we don't cross the river).
Course A is about 55 kms, and Course B is about 48 kms.
Course A is the original intended route, up Mt Erin, Mt Kahuranaki and Te Mata Peak.
Plan B (which is already marked out) is up Mt Erin twice. Then stay on the western side of the Tukituki River to ascend Te Mata Peak. There would be 2 transition points - the first one off Middle Road and the second one on Matangi Rd.
We will advise TOMORROW March 9th, about our intentions for the course.
We will also further advise the details for directions to the transition points, should we have to change the course.
We are closely monitoring the river levels, and forecast rain.
Regardless of what happens, we will have a great day! And Saturday's forecast is looking great! 
Thanks - and will keep in touch.
Emma and Ricko