Training Guide - Week 2

Jan 08, 2019

If you haven’t done Triple Peaks before, now is the time to give it a go! The spectacular 55 kms course can be completed either solo, or in a team of 3 people. You can mountain bike, run or walk the course. You might even be interested in the duathlon?

Proceeds from the event are going to Te Mata Park Trust – back to the land we love! A local event, for our local community.

Tips for Hydration

Drinking to match your output is crucial to success. Too much and too little can be problematic. Just low levels of dehydration can see a massive drop in your performance and this is especially important on hot days.

Many of us are not drinking enough quality water. This puts additional load on our bodies and can slow or stall our running and riding goals. It is important to drink the right amount of water each day for you based on your weight. The simple way to work this out is 0.033 litres per kg of body weight, which give or take, is around the following amounts:

60 kg = 2 litres 75 kg = 2.5 litres 90 kg= 3 litres 105 kg = 3.5 litres

You should plan to increase this by around 500ml for every hour of exercise and you should have an additional glass for every coffee or tea that you drink.

On race day sipping small amounts consistently and keeping track of how much you have taken in you are less likely to have problems. If you are feeling thirsty it’s actually already too late, you are dehydrated and will have a drop in performance so don’t let it come to that. We recommend adding electrolytes to to help the absorption of the water and your body function. We have had great results with Hammer Nutrtion Endurolytes.

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