Principle Sponsor MCL Construction

Sep 28, 2018

2018 marks a new direction for Triple Peaks. Not only will this challenging Hawke's Bay event be celebrating its 30th anniversary next year, but local firm, MCL Construction, are also on board as the event's Principal Sponsor.

“We are delighted that MCL Construction have chosen to support this truly iconic local event. As a fundraiser for Te Mata Park, it is gratifying to work alongside such a well regarded local business, who go beyond the call of duty, in terms of their ardent support and proactive assistance,” comments Event Co-Director Richard Mills.

While the Havelock North based event attracts hundreds of walkers, runners and mountain bikers, organisers say the event’s future is now more secure with a local Principal Sponsor behind it.

“Triple Peaks is a well regarded event, with strong foundations and a long history. It will be even more robust and successful, thanks to the partnership and involvement of MCL Construction,” comments Event Co - Director, Emma Buttle.

“MCL Construction and Triple Peaks are a great fit. Both strong local brands reflecting quality and integrity. MCL Construction is a well respected, steadfast and long-standing local company that has supported our community for many years. We are thrilled that this innovative and reputable business is now integral to our core family of supporters,” adds Ms. Buttle.

When asked why they decided to sponsor, John Bower, Managing Director of MCL Construction, says the event reflects their company philosophy and commitment to support the local community. “Our slogan, 'Construction Inspired by Life', complements the Triple Peaks brand – what better way to be inspired, than to conquer some of our toughest peaks!”

Whilst Triple Peaks does attract both locals and out-of-towners, Mr. Bower also appreciates the potential opportunities and benefits that this event can bring to the region. “With recent growth in all aspects of Hawke's Bay, MCL Construction Triple Peaks has incredible scope for showcasing our province, businesses and attractions. We envisage that this event can only grow.”

With a team of 100 staff, MCL Construction will have a visible presence on event day. “We encourage our crew to get involved. To give it a go, and to set themselves an achievable challenge. A number of our staff (and their families) will enter as competitors, and many will also volunteer throughout the day,” adds Mr Bower.

When asked why people should enter the event, the answer comes naturally, “we often don't see our own backyard, and having this incredible opportunity to access private land, is a great way to see just how beautiful our slice of paradise really is.”

Richard Mills is also excited about the potential benefits that this event could bring to the region. “This is an incredibly exciting time for the future of Triple Peaks. We wish to ensure MCL Construction Triple Peaks reflects everything that is wonderful about Hawke's Bay.”

“The 2018 MCL Construction Triple Peaks should be on the bucket list of every runner, walker and mountain biker,” adds Mr. Mills. “As a 50 kilometre event, participants can enter as a solo competitor, or in a relay team of 3 people. It is achievable for anyone who owns a bike, or a pair of running shoes. But we do encourage individuals to start training soon if they can,” he adds.

The 30th Anniversary of MCL Construction Triple Peaks will be taking place on 10 March 2018.

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